Medical Clinical Services for Physicians Expanding into Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy is an excellent option to further help your patients and increase revenue at your practice. This type of therapy is essential for patients whose conditions make it difficult for them to absorb essential nutrients and antibiotics, making it an ideal treatment for infectious diseases and autoimmune conditions.

If you’re considering expanding your practice to offer this exciting new therapy in order to improve patient outcomes and increase revenue at your practice, you may be unsure how to begin. With our medical clinical services for physicians interested in this type of therapy, ProActive is uniquely placed to assist your practice set up this therapy and everything that comes with it.

Why Take the ProActive Approach to Implement This Therapy?

Unlike many other consulting or billing and management services firms, ProActive has over 40 years in the medical field behind us, including 16 years focused on infectious disease and infusion therapy practices. We’ve been an industry leader in developing profitable approaches to individual practice needs since 1994, and we’re ready to bring that experience to work for your practice.

When you hire ProActive to assist your practice, you’re not hiring some business to come in and tell you and your staff how to do their jobs. We work with you because we have the experience to do so.

How Can ProActive Assist Your Practice Through This Change?

We will work to learn what makes your practice unique and how you approach helping your patients. Then we’ll assist you implement industry-proven solutions to maximize revenue for you and healing for your patients.

We’ll assist you to set up every part of the infusion therapy process, from planning to the back end. You and your staff will have access to our expertise so you can ask questions as they arise when you start offering this therapy.

To get us working for your practice today, reach out at the bottom of our page or call (858) 587-2606.


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