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ProActive located in Las Vegas, Nevada is the solution to all your billing and management within infusion therapy practices. We specialize in providing you with operational solutions that are easy to use, affordable, and most importantly proven within the health care industry.


Dedicated to Your Practice

We provide a proActive approach assisting physicians in long and short-term goals, operational problem solving, and new strategy implementation that will dramatically increase your revenue. Our management team is well respected within the medical community and an active member of IDSA and AAPC. Read on to discover why you should outsource and select ProActive as your outsourcing partner.


Got a Question?

Hi, my name is Julie Urda. I have been in the healthcare industry for 40+ years both in private practice and medical billing companies. I have a broad overview of most specialties; however, over the last 16 years have specialized in Infectious Disease practices providing Office and Home Antibiotic Infusion Therapy. We are experts in this field and have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the countless changes in industry processes. The “Ask Julie” tab on our website is YOUR resource to get the answers to your TEAM’s questions. Just fill out the questionnaire to get started.

Helping You with Insurance Claims

Increase revenues and accelerated collections

ProActive understands the frustrations of getting claims resubmitted and approved for payment. Keeping up with coding updates and insurance processes is crucial to consistent monthly collection rates. With our techniques and processes ProActive can help increase your collection rates and deliver a faster return time. ProActive can provide up to a 30% increase to your existing patient base within three months of working with you.

Getting on track and regular will take some effort but once corrected, it will provide less frustration and more claims being processed correctly the first time. This will dramatically reduce your A/R and get your claims paid with in 30 days.

Our Services

ProActive has more than just superior billing, coding, and collections services. We can also help you set your own infusion therapy office adding continued personalize care for your current patient base.

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Let us help ANSWER any of your questions. Wether a complex coding questions or a insurance dilemmas. Use the Ask Julie section on our website or email us to set up an audit. We look forward to serving you.