Dedicated to Providing High-Quality Management Services

ProActive is dedicated to providing physicians with the highest quality, maximum impact services in a cost-effective manner. We provide an independent, unapologetic, and markedly focused point of view: a “results” commitment. We also believe our best clients are well-informed, committed to positive change, and involved in the decision-making process.
- Julie A. Urda, President

Why ProActive?

Physicians are confronted with practices beyond the scope of long-established billing collections, such as continuing financial demands, convoluted payment systems, exploding IT issues, and ever-increasing compliance requirements.

Improving Your Revenue Cycle

To address the issues mentioned above, ProActive has developed one of the most comprehensive management solutions offered. We bring together conventional work processes, wide-ranging use of information technology, and custom-made business intelligence.

This is to drastically improve the revenue cycle for your practice. Through this approach, we can help you find earnings in unexpected places, and increase income by 15-35%.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We can help you reduce your day-to-day overhead cost up to 40% and lock the costs of operating expenses at a percentage of revenue. We can also improve collections up to 35%. There will be no expensive changes to hardware or software. You can do away with the need for hiring and maintaining billing and collection staff. We’ll also ensure that HIPAA requirements are maintained to ensure maximum protection for the practice.

Our Philosophy

Our revenue cycle collections are a providers bottom line. On average 30% of claims submitted to insurance companies are either rejected or underpaid then written off as “uncollectible”. ProActive has specialized techniques promising to never have lost charges that were never presented to the payor. We have a proven track record for resubmitted under paid, rejected or previously appealed claims. See for yourself how ProActive can increase your collections by up to 35%.


ProActive has a Proven Track Record

Over the years, we have helped a lot of clients increase their collection percentage up to 35%. How?

  • We perform an A/R and compliance audit to identify where you are losing revenue, how we can assist your practice, and where your most significant compliance risks lie.
  • We work with you to manage the entire revenue cycle instead of merely processing claims.
  • We automate key tasks to reduce mistakes, maximize productivity, and eliminate revenue leaks.
  • We follow proven methodologies throughout the process.
  • We utilize current technology to track and spot key errors and then take corrective action.


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