How Is coding affecting your bottom line? 

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 The medical billing and coding field is expected to grow by 15% between now and 2024.Not only are there a large number of job openings in coding and billing, many of these jobs are fairly lucrative but not easy by any sense.

Currently the international standard for medical coding is ICD-10 (the tenth version of International Classification of Disease codes), from the World Health Organization (WHO). ICD‑10 has over 14,000 codes for diagnoses. The next update to this international standard, ICD-11, and was formally adopted by WHO member states in May 2019. WHO member states, including the US, began implementation of ICD-11 as of January 2022. The new ICD-11 has over 55,000 diagnostic codes, four times the number of diagnostic codes contained in the WHO’s ICD-10.  As these codes are ever growing; our focus points to the accuracy and attention to detail when filing your claim. With our claim processing techniques your practice could see up to a 30% increase in reimbursement with in 60 days.

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